Detox Series: My 3 Day Juice Cleanse Experience

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Juicing has been around for a good while with health expert touting its numerous benefits. Short of giving you a man, juicing reportedly detoxifies your liver, lowers cholesterol, gives you clearer skin and an improved immune system. Who wouldn’t want that?! Clearly not me! Enter my 3 day juice cleanse.

I decided to do the detox at the beginning of the year for a number of reasons. In addition to eating everything within reach during the festive season, my healthy lifestyle had fallen by the way side after starting a new and demanding AF job. So in keeping with the whole cliched ‘new year new me’ mantra l wanted to start the new year on a clean slate and give my almost abandoned clean living another try.

Armed with 12 bottles (4 for each day) of cold pressed juices from Fit Meals l was ready to jump on the bandwagon. To get my body ready l swapped meat for more veggies and stopped taking any added sugar.

Day 1

I woke up rather excited to begin. I did my morning routine as usual and drank my lemon water. I skipped the gym because l didn’t want to over exert myself with such a little energy store. The first bottle was a pleasant surprise. The cucumber, celery, apple and kale combo was so delicious I was seriously tempted to drink the 3 bottles of green juice in one go. I was downing my daily 3 liters of water in between and to my surprise l was full of energy and in good spirits. Around 1 pm l was feeling perkish so l drank my second bottle and took a nap. Dinner time was the hardest as everyone around me was wolfing down their meals while l sipped the last bottle of the day, The Kariba Sunset. Its blend orange, carrot and ginger helped to alleviate the hunger a little. I read a little and went to bed early, before the late night snacking fever hit.

Day 2

I woke up feeling a little sluggish but perked right up after my green juice. Since l had opted not to workout, l went out for a long walk. After my beetroot, apple, carrot and ginger shot l went to my neighborhood market with a little spring in my step. However by mid afternoon I was very hungry and the food stalls at the market weren’t helping at all. I drank my third juice but to be honest l was so hungry I just wanted to bite into something. I try to keep busy to keep the cravings at bay.

Day 3

The last day was the worst of them all. I was tired of only drinking liquids and the cleanse wasn’t as exciting anymore. I was literally counting down to when l would get to consume solid food. The trips to the bathroom continued unabated. On the other hand my body felt lighter and cleaner which might have be due to the sugar rush l was experiencing. With a huge sigh of relief l downed my last bottle and call it a day.

What happened next?

It is advisable to ease back into your diet by mainly eating vegan for a few days afterwards. Which was perfect for me because l am participating in Veganuary this January.


Pros: The juice cleanse had its benefits the increased energy, better skin and better sleep not to mention the 2 kgs l lost. I probably gained all that weight back the minute l started consuming real food.

The best thing was how it got rid of the perpetual bloating l had been going through. My stomach is looking as flat as a pancake as it should šŸ˜.

Cons: It is expensive to say the least. Juice cleanses range from $60 to $200 and that does some damage to the wallet.

I couldn’t work out. I had very little energy to sustain a grueling exercise session.

It is not a sustainable way of losing weight as the weight comes piling back on after the cleanse.

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