2018 5k Color Sprint


It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning. I arrived late and met up with friends. We received our “armour and weapons” at the gate. A branded t-shirt so we wouldn’t ruin ours. A pair of shades to shield our eyes just in case someone decided to throw color powder in your face, which happened a lot. A headband to keep the hair/braids out of our faces or something. A drawstring bag to put phones, keys, wallets or the odd chocolate bar. And the all important packet of paint powder, l got purple.

These packets proved to be dangerous, people who came to the conclusion that you are not colored enough would sneak up on you and spray you with their own powder packets.

The festivities began with an hour of aerobatics, more like the dj playing songs and us trying to try imitate the dances from those songs. Well it turned out to be a color walk. After my apprehension of not training for it l was relieved that all l had to do was walk to the finish line. It wasn’t like any of those stiff races, with rules and stuff. It was a party, there was a DJ pumping up tunes from start to finish. The only running l did was when l was running from people chasing me with fistfuls of color powder.

Then came my favorite part, which is eating for anyone who is new here. We had flame grilled chicken kebabs and fries you know my love affair with the potato. Oh and a soda that shall remain nameless. Let’s not even discuss the green candy floss that was my starter, because it seems l was hell bent on reversing my gains. After polishing off our meal we headed to the dance floor, sponsors started throwing items into the crowd. Needless to say we didn’t receive anything but we weren’t really bothered.

There was face painting, photo booths, jumping castles, kids toys, kiddie pool and all those other activities anyone other than me would enjoy. All in all it was a cracking day. I just might do it again.

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