6 Ways To Stick To Your Fitness Routine


I have done Bikini Body Guide (BBG) four times, three of those times l would stop two or three weeks in. The reasons were always the same, no time, too tired, too hard, too boring, etc. But in reality l just wasn’t as committed as l need to be. I can be lazy when I want to be. But because l knew that if l wanted results l would have to do it up to the very last mountain climber l stuck it out the fourth time out. I knew it would take more than me convincing myself to do it as that had not worked the first three times. If you are also shit at commitment then maybe you might benefit from how l made my fitness routine.

Make it your own

As effective as BBG is l knew it wouldn’t be enough to hold my interest as l craved variety. There were many workouts l wanted to try. Yoga, pilates, boxing, spin classes were all new and l was excited to try them. But l didn’t know how to incorporate them in my already intense routine. I saw Rraymme’s post a fellow BBG girl whose own workout routine helped me enhance my own. Both BBG 1 and BBG 2.0 take up only three days per week leaving you with 3 days to do as you please ( nothing too strenuous), minus the rest day. I just finished BBG1 and plan on repeating it before l move to 2.0. For my weekly workout read this post.

Workout buddy aka accountability partner

I more into social fitness than individual efforts. Having someone there makes exercise more enjoyable, boosts my motivation, puts me in a positive head space and as a result time flys by and you are like did l just do fifty crunches in one go?! If l make a gym date with just me l can cancel wheever l don’t feel like going. However now if l want to cancel l am messing with someone’s plans.

Find a personal trainer

A trainer is not essential but when you are starting out that might me your best way option. Getting a personal trainer in my first year helped me realise my fitness goals far quicker than l would have on my own. He corrected my form, taught me the best exercises to target each muscle group, gave me nutritional advice, pushed me beyond my limits and gave me invaluable fitness and health advice that l still follow today. Because l was paying him, not going meant l was literally throwing my money away. Knowing that fact kept me going every single time. Money is a great motivator people! So, if you have some money to spare, l suggest you get one at your gym, if not there are countless free fitness programs littering the internet that are just as good.

Schedule it

I schedule my workouts like l do everything else that’s important. If l don’t schedule it then l “won’t have time” to do it. I found that adding the workouts to my daily planner/diary like l do actual meetings, as a result, I always remember them and go. The good thing is that my workouts are usually 30 – 45 minutes so they fit in well with the rest of what l have going on. You don’t have to exercise more than a few times a week if you really are pressed for time. Just make sure you do something to get your heart rate up at least once a week It doesn’t have to be long, particularly hardcore or more than once a week if that’s all you can fit in, just make sure it’s something you enjoy and doesn’t make you want to vom when you think about it.

Prepare for it

I have made it a point to pack my bag the night before to give myself that extra push. There is nothing more annoying than trying to find a missing sock at the butt crack of dawn. I would much rather crawl back into bed and snore away. Which used to happen a lot as l am a happily disorganised person (missed the Virgo train on that one). So if you are like me, you would want to get your kit together the night before and put it in a place where you just grab it and go. Plus l have found that new gym gear is always a strong incentive to get up and go. So set it up on a chair or closet hanger. Pretty things will make me so anything.

Set an attainable goal

There is something to be said about setting a goal and crushing it that gets me fired up for more. I remember when l started getting fit, seeing the number on the scale steadily dropping gave me such a rush. However, setting unattainable goals of losing vast amounts of weight in one go are a surefire way of getting disappointed. Aim to lose at least 0.5kg per week and work towards that. 0.5kg is small enough to get rid of without much trouble and big enough to make a difference when those little chunks of weight are counted together after a 3 month period, yes whole 6kgs. And whatever you do, do not forget to take pictures or check yourself out at every opportunity, well hello new and improved butt.

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