Thrive Sauerkraut and Kombucha

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I have been wanting to try a few of Thrive’s gut friendly offerings for a while now but dreaded having to go across town to get the products. But now that they are now stocked in a number of stores l had no other excuse. I planned on getting sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha. Well the kimchi was sold out in the three stores l went to so l just bought the other two. Fermented foods help with antibody production, a stronger immune system and regulate appetite reducing sugar cravings.

For those unfamiliar with sauerkraut, it is a fermented cabbage and spice dish that go through a lactic acid fermentation in airtight containers enabling it to last while giving it its signature sour taste. Translation: raw cabbage and salt are kept in a jar full of water for a week or so til it turns sour.

Sauerkraut promotes digestion, boosts the immune system, promotes heart health, reduces asthma attacks, boosts energy levels, strengthens bones and boosts mental health. If you are still not convinced. It fights stress, promotes weight loss, provides eye and skin benefits, fights inflammation and reduces allergies, and prevents scurvy. Translation: you better start eating it by the spoonful.

What l loved…

High iron content
As someone who is anaemic, my food choices are always based on how much iron they contain for blood building purposes. So l am always keen to add iron rich foods in my diet, enter sour cabbage! It’s got a distinct taste though so don’t go overboard.

Boosts energy levels
Because of the anaemia, l suffer from chronic fatigue. I get tired easily, read: LAZY, especially when l am on my period, when the blood loss is particularly high. So l have been eating this with everything, well not with my porridge obviously. But you get my drift. The container is pretty big so it last for up to a week or two.

The ingredients list is small
It’s always good to know what you are eating, you know. I love that Thrive sauerkraut because of its barely there ingredients list containing only cabbage and himalayan salt. Usually when a product has too many ingredients there is a big chance of finding some sneaky and not so healthy ingredient in the mix.

Although Thrive kombucha comes in a number of flavours, l went with ginger. Ingredients: water, rooibos tea, herbs, cane sugar, active cultures and botanical etracts.

Kombucha is a head, heart and gut boosting drink originating from East Asia. It is helpful in fighting diseases due to its detoxification, anti-oxidization, energizing potencies and promotion of depressed immunity.- Dr Axe. It also promotes gut health, mental health, improves mental health, has anti bacterial properties, supports a healthy liver and cardiovascular system.

Diabetes management and symptom alleviation
Although l do not have diabetes my dad has it, his dad died from it and l can count at least 5 people from both sides of my family who have diabetes. This means l am at risk of getting it and if there is anything l can do to prevent it l am getting on that train quick. Although high sugar kombuchas are not suitable for diabetics, the low cane sugar content in the Thrive kombucha is ideal. What sold kombucha for me was the presence of antioxidants in it that help alleviate symptoms of diabetes.

Helps with stomach ulcers and improves mental health
I suffer from heartburn often and if it becomes chronic it might lead to stomach ulcers. Kombucha is said to prevent or heal those ulcers. So really l don’t need to be told twice. It is also believed to help minimise the effects of depression and anxiety. Kombucha makes you happy literally! So when ever you are feeling dull and dreary grab yourself some kombucha.

Kombucha is also great for soda lover as it is a healthier substitute for sodas, satisfying that craving for a fizzy drink. However if you are off sugar then you might want to give this one a miss.

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