Four Things That Cheered Me Up This Month


I am a happy person most if the time, that’s just who l am, although l do have times when l feel like fighting people. But this winter has got me in a gloomy mood aka the winter blues as it were. Which can be attributed to pressures of adulting and the like. But being true to my temperament l don’t need much to get me going. After all l just need to keep reminding myself to take a step back and regroup whenever I feel overwhelmed. A little self care and a little time to do the things l enjoy most and l am good to go….

Finishing my degree
2015 seems like a lifetime ago when l enrolled for my Political Science. I remember with each end of semester exam when l felt anxious and overwhelmed with the amount of material l had to consume. l would ask myself will these sleepless nights end, would l ever finish. But luckily time took care of that bit. I loved my chosen degree but not the exams. I am glad l did it, being done means l can focus on other things l have been too busy to give a 100% to, this blog for instance. And because l am a sucker for punishment l am going to pursue a Master’s degree a few months from now. Yay, me!

Writing again
Writting is a form of release for me, l still write everything down using pen and paper including my to-do list. I love writing about my fitness and wellness journey as well as a few of the things l have learned about these subjects along the way. Now that I have a lot of free time due to offloading my degree l have been busy removing the cobwebs from this blog and filling up my content calendar with all the things l have been wanting to get talk about. Hopefully you will find the stuff as interesting as l do.

My reading list
I have always been an avid reader mainly due to the fact whenever my dad came back home from one of his trips to town he brought back a book for me. He is a reader himself and wanted to cultivate the same spirit in me. So I am always happiest with my nose inside a great story. And because I don’t do things in moderation, when l find a book l love l will pull all nighters if need be because I can’t fall asleep not knowing what happened next. My current addiction is JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy which has 600+ pages about small town church politics. Fingers crossed for me finishing the last 100 pages tonight!

The Read podcast
There is nothing better than catching up with old friends and discussing any and everything no holds barred. That is how l feel whenever I listen to the hosts Kid Fury and Crissle who l have been following since 2016. They roast celebrities, read people to filth for their random acts of stupidity and help listeners navigate relationships and situationships with a flair like no other podcast. And l am just there unable to breathe from all the cackling. They never fail to lift my spirits while snatching my edges at the same time. Right, let me get to some more foolery….

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