What should you eat before and after a workout?

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What should you eat before and after a workout? Well l do not know about anyone else, this is what l eat. But it depends on what activity you are going to be doing and if you like to eat before a workout.

Before a workout. If you want to eat before a workout or are planning on exercising for longer than an hour, eat something snack about an 30 minutes to an hour before exercising, and nothing heavy. Trust me, you do not want to do anything intense when you are full of food.

Pre-workout snack ideas
Protein shake with 1 handful of strawberries, 1 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 cup of water, 1 tbsp of almond butter and 1 tbsp of protein.
Banana and nut butter sandwiches (thick slices of banana with nut butter between them).
Greek yogurt with berries and a handful of almonds
Fresh fruit salad with 1 tbsp of raw chopped nuts.
One to two brown rice cakes topped with 1tbsp of peanut butter.


After a workout your body goes through a process called anabolism which is the rebuilding of muscles that have been broken down during exercise. What you eat just after your workout is important in ensuring your body has all the supplies it needs for you to recover, adapt and improve. You know those “fitness is 90% food and 10% exercise” posters? Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. You can’t fully obtain your goals without taking both seriously. Your post-workout snack or meal should include lots of protein.

Post workout meal ideas.
1 cup of almond milk with 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 2 tbsp of raw cacao powder and 1 drop of Vitamin E.
Green smoothie with 1 cup of milk, 1 banana and 1 tbsp baobab powder, 2 tsp of spirulina. Toast with avocado and poached egg.
Wholewheat pita stuffed with grilled veggies and two tablespoons of hummus.
Baked salmon with baked sweet potato and sauted spinach.
Omelette with avocado and veggies.

Top workout smoothie add ons. CacaoTheobromine in cacao acts as a mild stimulant to give you energy without the caffeine crash. Chia SeedsChia seeds contain all the essential amino acids. Aztec warriors would consume chia and water to give them stamina during hunting trips. Spirulina – Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll, so it helps reduce inflammation during exercise.

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