10 Types of Yoga You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Yoga in Zimbabwe has come a long way, I am here for all of it, well almost all of it.

If you have been doing yoga for a while and feel like you have done all you can do with the traditional on mat asanas, then a little shock to your yoga system is in order. From posing in the air to posing in the nude with your bro or your dog, l bet you there is something on this list you haven’t tried yet*.

AERIAL YOGA Combines traditional on-the-mat yoga with poses suspended in hammocks, Aerial yoga allows you to playfully explore fun and floating movements in space without putting pressure on the joints and spine. I mean, if you have any dreams of flying or floating in the air, this is for you. The hammocks or slings are made of a soft high-density nylon material that can support over 900kg, and are suspended from the ceiling to about hip height. The poses range from seated stretches to hanging upside down and grabbing your thighs, ankles or feet for balance and support. It is recommended for experienced yogis but l would be up for this any day. However l need more Vinyasa and Kundalini before l attempt to suspend any limb in the air and fall on my butt.

AFRO FLOW YOGA Afro flow combines Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga with African dance movements. I gotta see this! Developed by Leslie and Jeff Jones after a transformational journey through Africa and the Caribbean, its main aim is to create joy and vitality through movement and sound. The electrifying dance movements of the African diaspora flow with a meditative yoga sequence of gentle yet powerful stretches for a soulful and energising journey. I do not know why l thought of Capoera when l heard this, but l am interested in seeing how the movements look like.

BROGA Yoga for bros. A combination of yoga’s most powerful core strengthening, muscle toning and cardio postures, Broga is a strong, energetic and challenging style of yoga that’s geared specifically towards men. It combines functional fitness exercises with active yoga poses to get guys pumped up and feeling better about the fact that they can’t necessarily touch their toes. Good idea because some men think yoga is for women.

DOGA Yes, it’s a thing. This is for those who want to bond with their dogs while doing an activity they also enjoy. It’s time to get your furry friends onto the mat for some dog yoga (Doga). Classes are practiced in two forms, depending on the instructor. Human yogis can help their dogs into the poses, building trust and creating a bonding experience that improves everyone’s movement and circulation. In other classes, the dogs just mill around while their humans do the poses. A great way of socialising with other dogs and humans. I wholly prefer the latter, let the dogs run around with our dogs and sniff butts to their hearts content instead of putting a dog into a warrior pose or worse upside down poses.

HIP HOP YOGA Hip hop yoga emphasizes strength, creativity and raw self-expression by combining Vinyasa with the art and culture of hip hop for a fun and energetic flow. The music is loud, the poses are strong, and the experience is both challenging and exhilarating. The beats combine with the breath to move the body, with everything from old school classics to the freshest hits inspiring an exciting flow. At first glance it would seem like loud rap music and meditative yoga poses do not go together, but it is clearly working judging from the amount of studios specializing in hip hop yoga opening up.

HOT YOGA Hot yoga refers to yoga poses performed under hot and humid conditions and is used to describe any yoga or yoga-inspired fitness styles that use heat. Hot yoga typically leads to profuse sweatin. Classes mix active and passive poses that aim to balance the body, mind and heart in equal measure.

NAKED YOGA When you thought you had seen it all. Naked yoga practitioners see shedding their clothes before stepping onto the mat as a way of freeing themselves, both from within and without. The practice champions acceptance of the self and others, encouraging yogis to move past issues of body image, shame and sexual discomfort. Classes follow the structure of any yoga style, and can be women only, men only or open to both men and women. It all depends on the studio. Naked yoga aims to redefine how we see yoga, placing emphasis on the artistry of each asana paired with the physicality and grace of the human body. Needless to say, I. CAN. NOT.

ROCKET YOGA Also known as ‘The Rocket’, this is the original power yoga as developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco in the 1980s. It was actually given its name by Bob Weir of iconic rock band The Grateful Dead because ‘It gets you there faster!’ While rooted in Ashtanga tradition, Rocket yoga strips away the structure of the series and opens up a fun and experimental format. It’s dynamic, fast flowing and certainly not for the faint-hearted. Expect to move through a wide range of poses, working up a solid sweat and being physically and mentally challenged at every turn.

SLACKLINE YOGA Slackline yoga takes place on a slackline, a piece of webbing hung between two trees. For most people, simply standing on a slackline is a major achievement. Slackline yogis push themselves to the limits of balance, activating every stabilising muscle in their bodies for a killer core workout. It’s little wonder slacklining is said to improve everything from focus, breathing and bandhas to confidence and sense of humour. Me balancing on a rope while attempting complex yoga poses? I don’t think so.

AQUA YOGA This yoga style was specially developed to help soothe pain and stiffness with the support of water. Classes explore standing, suspended and floating poses in a heated pool with props. It’s a gentle remedial practice, and participants needn’t be able to swim or have any yoga experience.

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*Some of the types of yogas mentioned in this post can not be found in Zim, but perhaps with time.

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