What l Eat In A Day To Keep The Weight Off

Healthy eating

Since l have lost weight a lot of people who knew me before that are always surprised when they bump into a trimmer me. And the question they almost always ask is what are you eating. Short answer? A lot of things. But today l thought l would do a “what l eat on a typical day” post.

Full disclosure: I do not eat super healthy all the time. Sometimes l am super hyped about my body being a temple and spend they day nourishing it and then l have my off days when l just sit on the couch and finish a whole bag of cookies in one go. I believe in balancing out my eating habits, l do not want to feel deprived of anything, because the moment l am forbidden from eating something l start to crave it until l cave. I eat (almost) everything in moderation so that l do not go overboard when l finally lay my hands on it. I am not a picky eater or allergic to anything (that l know of) so l’m super easy.

Before we dive in l thought l would show you a sample of my grocery list. I need a list to keep me an honest woman otherwise l will come out of the store with arms full of a lot of wants and not a whole lot of needs. My list is always the same but what l buy from that list depends on what meals l have planned for that week. l find that planning my meals makes shopping a whole lot easier and cheaper and minimizes the headache that is “what’s for dinner?” Plus knowing what l am going to have at any given moment means l am not reaching for any unhealthy options.

I try to stick to my eating times because if l skip a meal l am liable to over do it in the next meal. And because eating is life l have even set up my alarm to ring at every meal time so l do not miss this pleasurable experience!


Weekday menu
09.00 Breakfast: Greek yogurt with berries and chia seed OR oatmeal with banana, flax seed and a drizzle of honey.
11.00 Snack: 1 hard boiled egg with ginger, green tea OR a handful of protein balls
13.00 Lunch: chili (beans, mince, veg) OR baked fish with rice and veggies
16.00 Snack: sardines on toast OR avocado with sunflower seeds on a slice of seeded bread
18.00 Dinner: chicken breast with green beans and butternut OR burger with sweet potato fries and a cucumber
21.00 Snack: sliced apple with a tablespoon nut butter

A few other things l have done…

I stopped eating mindlessly. I was not immune to over eating when sitting in front of the television. Because l was distracted by the TV l wouldn’t stop eating in time. My body’s receptors would be screaming we are full, you can stop now and l would be like no we are not! Focusing on my food means l know when I’m full and l actually chew properly (not chewing properly is a major cause for gut problems) and savor my food.
I started eating more veggies. I like the feeling of being full when l eat. I have taken to eating a tonne of veggies with each meal to reach that full feeling. Since they aren’t a crowd pleaser l try all kinds of recipes and different ways to cook them so they are not so bland. You would be surprised what spices, herbs, homemade sauces and dressings can do.

I EAT carbs. Oh, shocking, l know! “So l have to cut out bread, potatoes and rice, right?, asked a colleague of mine, morosely. My reply was a big fat NO. Carbs are public enemy number one for so many misinformed people. What they do not know is that some veggies like squash, broccoli and cauliflower are carbs as well. Carbs are essential for normal brain functioning and essential for energy. They do not make you fat, they are to be eaten, just in moderation.

Hydration is essential. Water is important. I drink 3l of water a day. I also drink teas, juices and smoothies which can easy add up to 4l+. Water is good for circulation, clear skin, curbs appetite and so much more. If you can’t stand drinking water try fruit infused water.

I walk every where. Walking more increases your activity. Take the stairs, take the longest route to wherever you are going.

I stopped stressing. When I was losing weight, sometimes l would hit a plateau and not lose anything for weeks. I would often be discouraged and stressed. But honestly change takes time instead of focusing on all the weight l was yet to lose l would make myself remember the weight that l had lost already. That almost always motivates me.

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