How l Am Practicing Self Care This Month


Having to smell the roses, literally.

“I have to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent, caring for myself is an act of survival” – Audre Lorde

Last year l saw this quote and a few self care ideas on the internet and told myself l would try and incorporate a little self care into my routine to beat the burn -out and those sluggish days when l want to be one with my bed. This is what l have been doing this month with some pretty amazing results.

At the beginning of the year l was so good about downing my 3 liters of water everyday then by the time March rolled around and life got in the way l couldn’t even remember where my water bottle was. But l kicked my butt into gear this month and started again. An to keep myself on track l have set up an alarm to go off at 6 regular intervals through out the day to remind my self to take a chug, l diarised it and tick my progress at the end of each day. Hell, l even bought another cute water bottle if these things don’t work l don’t know what will! l have more energy, less acne and a happy digestive system and l swear every time l pick up the water bottle my body starts shouting chug! chug! chug!

Compared to last year when l worked out almost everyday of the week, this year l have reduced it to 3 times a week but incorporated an hour of brisk walking everyday. The change was due to my fitness goals being a little different. Last year was all about losing a bunch of weight, while this year is about toning and maintaining my current weight and so far it has been working for me. You know, l am not a gym bunny by any stretch of the imagination. But as much as l don’t like the gym l love what it does for me so we are going to be besties for quite a while yet. I sleep better after a good sweat and l don’t stress as much so #fitfam all the way.

Yes, some things as simple as bathing everyday, brushing my teeth and putting on clean clothes is a mood boaster for me. Being a freelance writer means l am at home on most days burning the midnight oil (who am l kidding, I’m no night owl) in front of the computer. If the past l would spend my days in my comfy sweats without a care in the world. But l have since noticed that on days l make an effort to wear normal clothes l am in a good mood, l have lots of energy and ideas are flowing. Staying clean keeps me fresh and focused. So for the fresh and clean movement to stick l have been bribing myself with going out to write in the fresh air.

“I am neither an early bird or a night owl, but a permanently exhausted pigeon” so it on a meme and it describes me to a tee! I have a habit of staying up late Netflix chilling or on social media and only get to sleep at 3am which means l wake up at 9am to compensate for the early night. I do this almost every night and by the time l wake in the morning l am already tired and move around feeling like an extra on the set of the walking dead in desperate need of a dagger to the head. This month my goal is to be in bed by 10pm and be awake by 7am, and so far l have been good although it takes me a while to fall asleep might need to get some magnesium if it persists. Since sleep is good for the memory and creativity l am getting those Zzz in like they are going out of style.

Spoiling myself is one thing l have let slip through the cracks, l just never get around to it. Reward myself for my hard work. I have taken to giving myself a treat for getting everything on my to-do list done, for hitting the gym consistently. It could be a new piece of active wear, and because it is too good not to show off l have to go to the gym with it and reach my quota and it starts all over again. Now instead of waiting for a special occasion l am creating those occasions to pat myself on the back for a job well done and give myself fresh stimulus to go harder.

Doing activities l enjoy is always a great mood enhancer. I take time out to watch my fave comedies everyday because regardless of the mood l am they never fail to have me cracking up to the point of tears. Catching up with my favorite youtube celebrities is always a joy. Taking walks in the early evening, traveling, seeing my family are all things l love doing and try to do them as often as possible.

After all a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body if not more important. How are you guys incorporating little self care into your daily shenanigans?

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