The Weekend Reading List #1

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When the year started l had all these lofty ideas about how l was going to become a minimalist even read this here Minimalists Essays and this The life changing manga of tidying up your life. I was so fired up. I was going to get rid of all the clutter and cool it with clothes hoarding but…. Crickets. Yeah, didn’t do shit, so l figured baby steps and all that hogwash. So list posts are helping me feel less overwhelmed and more pro active. If you also want to ninja your shit read this.  6 ways to declutter your life –the every woman

Winter is rapidly approaching and l am busy removing cobwebs from my previously dumped and forgotten winter wear, literally. So l have recently cut down on summer salads and doubled down on soup. The quickest and healthiest way to warm you right up, if you are into soup of course. You might wanna try this. Tomato and Quinoa soup-the anna edit.

I am one of those people who wakes up like a prisoner. I do one of two things either wake up in a panic because l’m late to something important so everything is just rushed and l just want to scream. Then l have mornings when l just take my phone of the charger and log on to instagram for a while until l check the time then the former happens all over again! So l have been waking up 30 minutes earlier than l normally would and doing this. Sacred Morning Practice: Experience full radiance as the sun comes up – galadarling.

It is no secret that l could stand to lose a few pounds so l am all for any workouts that will help me reach my goal weight. I have found that strength training has been the catalyst for all the weight l have lost thus far. But not everyone is in to it because turning into the Hulk is a real fear a lot of people have, untrue or warranted though it is. So if you really want to lose weight peruse through this. The workout you should be doing to lose weight-popsugar fitness.

Going somewhere this weekend? Jealous! You might also want to check out Twiggy’s post on surviving the hell that is the airport.

So yeah have a productive weekend or be like me and binge watch Youtube vlogs while eating nonsense so that you can have ample time on Sunday evening to work yourself into a pain over to do lists that were never done.

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