Exercising With Tyres In The All Black All Dhayi Bootcamp With The Fit Fab Mom [Review]

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2018 is all about pushing my boundaries and endurance levels. Which is why l signed up for a tyre bootcamp session with the original Babes Wedhayi Patience Mushaya. Also it was free, had goodie bags and giveaways so l didn’t need any convincing. She resides in South Africa and only comes to Zim a few times a year which is when she does these bootcamps. l have never exercised using tyres but her Facebook and Instagram are littered with short videos of her using tyres for strength training. I knew what to expect but at the same time l was very apprehensive because it looked like hard work and excruciating pain.

My experience…

squat proof

As it turns out l worked myself into a fright for no reason. The flyer did say all levels if fitness welcome. Instead of a gungho workout featuring a screaming captain we got a fun albeit challenging workout. Patience’s fun loving attitude brought a relaxed atmosphere to the class, she even joined in the voshoo dance after the session, l mean 👊! We did all the usual suspects burpees, crunches, squats, tricep dips and those other ones we’d love to hate. The only difference was that instead of your regular gym weights and fixtures we used bus tyres. She really put us through our paces with those tyres. And damn were those tyres heavy. She was super nice about letting those who couldn’t lift their tyres to do bodyweight exercises instead. However there was one thing she wasn’t compromisng on that is form and technique because not only does poor form cause accidents and injuries it does absolutely nothing for you.

We made it through a powerful one hour power session red faced and pouring with sweat. She had us reaching for our water bottles several times! Our endurance was well tested and but we loved our every minute of it – every ache and stiff butt cheek was a true testiment to how effective Patience’s classes are! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner just wanting to get into shape or a pro, these classes have something for every fitness level. Patience is a positive, high-energy character and will get you doing more push-ups and crunches than you ever thought possible. I am definitely up for another one if she has one coming up again this year.

The goodies…

She also came with a fit fab goodie bag for everyone. Containing training gloves to maie sure our pretty hands don’t ever get introduced to calluses. Measuring cups for those that like to think they can do it just fine with just their eyes 🙋. A writing pad to jot down your shopping list even though I always buy way more than what is on the shopping list 😊. And of course a little snack to get us going after the sweat fest. The last man standing in the jumping squat challenge received jump rope. But l was more miffed about the burpee x tucked knee jump challenge. The winner got the coolest prize, a pair of blue Nike sneakers. I didn’t partake in the challenge because l am shit at burpees but my fitness partner in crime did it, came in second and got a USN hot pink water bottle with a protein sample inside.

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  1. Thank you soo much for the review.I am glad you guys enjoyed 👏👏I love fitness and what a better way to share with others. Much appreciated.

  2. Nice you have a fitness blog! Yeah eish I got super tired for three days after. Next time I am winning those shoes or whichever… so glad you embarked on this journey…. from the Kopje shock to making it work for you

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