4 Wellness Moves I Am Making This Year


As l continue with my wellness and healthy living lifestyle l am always looking for ways to improve my overall wellbeing. I am a product junkie and am happiest testing out any and all things related to wellness. This month l have been all about changing my habits through what l consume, how l spend my time and what l apply to my skin.

The tea for aches, stress and anti ageing. Give me tea over coffee any day! Growing up tea was a staple, winter or summer, rain or shine. I never stopped drinking it. Thus including tea fusions into my diet is a no brainer. My go to tea these days is anything herbal, thus the gravitation towards tulsi. Tulsi tea is known for it’s stress-lowering effects. It is especially great for the fatigued and stressed out as it not only energises you it also relaxes and balances your whole system. It’s anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are crucial for good gut health, joint support and getting rid of colds and flu. Tulsi aids on healthy cell growth and repairs damaged cells.

How to brew…

Put a teaspoon of loose or sachet tulsi tea into a tea ball.
Drop into a cup of boiling water; infuse for five minutes.
Drink it as much and as often as you like.

The multivitamin for immunity, energy and diet gaps. I have never been a fan of taking pills for anything. But that all changed when l learned about the importance of including multivitamins in your daily diet. We are lack a lot of vitamins in our bodies mainly due to bad diets, hence we need backup. Just don’t pock any old tablet. Check that it contains iodine and magnesium as these are important and most common to deficiency. Look for Vitamin k as well which is vital for strong bones and protects against cardiovascular disease.

For energy try vitamin B12.
For better sleep try magnesium.
For a happiness boost you need 5-HTP.
Look out for whole food concentrates as these are easily absorbed by the body.

The oil for great skin, fab hair and fewer cravings. Coconut oil is arguably the best and fairest of all healthy oils. It is really powerful and the price tag it comes with is just as powerful $$. I use it for everything from cooking, hair, face and body, heck l try to eat a teaspoon on the regular. Its kickass ingredient lauric acid is a fatty acid with antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so l usually just scoop and smooth on to skin and a little goes a long way. For body and hands l work it over just after a bath while the skin is still warm. For the face a thumbnail sized amount worked over clean skin will smooth, soften and ease lines and redness. Coconut oil also makes for an a great addition to therapeutic essential oils. I use it in at home aromatheraphy face masks, salves and balms.

For a firming body moisturizer that doubles as a stress reliever add 10 drops of frankincense essential oil to 50g of coconut oil.
For an acne vanquishing facial oil add for drops of rose otto essential oil to 20g coconut oil. Only rose otto is right for this.
For long day blues add 10 drops of patchouli to 50g of coconut oil. Smooth into skin after a bath for a lymphatic tonic to revive your soul after a hectic day.
For happy feet add 10 drops of myrrh essential oil to 50g of coconut oil. Rub the mixture into feet to fix cracked heels.
For a peaceful sleep add 10 drops of vetiver essential oil to 50g of coconut oil and smooth on to skin just after a bath at bedtime.
To keep hunger at bay take 1-4 tbsp of raw organic coconut oil a day. It helps lower carbohydrate and sweet cravings and sharpens your memory.
For glossy hair add 1 cup of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of aloe vera leaf extract (or pure aloe juice), 2 tablespoons of sunflower seed oil, 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin, 12 drops of lavender essential oil, 8 drops of pure vanilla extract.

Start by mixing all of your ingredients together in a blender until you have a smooth consistency. Then add your essential oils. This leave-in treatment goes a long way! If you have fine textured hair use the size of a quarter and comb through clean hair. Those with dry, brittle locks should use the same amount while sectioning and combing through damp hair. This leave-in works great for styling braids, two-strand twists, and up-dos.

Note: melt the coconut oil by putting the jar into a bowl of hot water, add the essential oils and let it go cool and solid again.

Coconut really does fix everything!

The meditation for stress, anxiety and a calm state of mind. Meditation is by far the best thing l have done for my wellbeing thus far. It helps me handle pressure and stress. Doing it regularly has seen my stress and anxiety melt away. I am more calmer, happier, sleep better and eat well. I try to keep it simple l do it for 10-20 minutes a day depending on my schedule. For meditation to work it needs to be done consistently and a group session is always better than doing it alone. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is easy l don’t force myself to concentrate on a particular thing or situation. I’m constantly having thoughts intruding such as what to eat šŸ˜€ but l just go with the flow and always make sure that my body is in a restful, relaxed state. I have been known to fall asleep during a session which has resulted in some of my best sleep! Benefits vary and while some experience them after a long period of practicing, for others it can happen quickly. An easy entry point into meditation is candle meditation.

3 minute candle meditation to refresh, relax and energize.

Place a lit candle in front of you on a low table. Sit cross legged with a straight spine with the candle flame level with your eyes.
Relax all your body muscles from head to toes. Slow your breathing down, inhaling and exhaling deeply through the diaphragm.
Gaze at the candle’s flame for 60 seconds without blinking if you can. Don’t worry if your eyes water a little.
Close your eyes. You should still see the flame’s image in your mind. Hold it for as long as you can. If thoughts come into your head, let them drift by without engaging them.
If you lose the image of the flame in your mind, just repeat the process. Carry on for as long as you like then blow out the candle and rest for a few minutes.

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