No Abs In Sight + 5 Flat Tummy Tactics (no gym required)

Healthy eating

A flabby stomach is always the last man standing. Literally! If you have ever been overweight and began exercising and eating healthy you will know what l’m talking about. Of all the flab to go the midsection is often the last and most difficult area to fix. if you are gym shy or not up to 1000 ab crunches a day then try these simple lifestyle changes and maybe, just maybe, you can beat the tum at its own game.

Mindful Eating. I am often guilty of eating in a hurry or while doing something else. I have found that mindful eating really plays a part in a trimmed waistline. Eating dinner while watching TV or gulping down food on the go means you will eat more than you usually would if you were focused on your food. Paying attention to your food helps you identify signs of fullness early on there by stopping before it’s too late. Do this by sitting down at a table and eating your meal for a minimum of 20 minutes. Chewing food until it’s a mushy paste to avoid bloating and gas resulting from food that hasn’t been chewed properly. The takeaway here is focusing on the food you are eating and chewing properly.

Walk it out. I try to go on a 5 minute walk after a particularly heavy meal. Moving around even in inside the house aids digestion and relieves bloating. Sipping herbal tea after your meal is another way to fight bloating as the fennel leaves and seeds also stimulate digestion.

A little game of substitution. I am always looking for ways to cut down on unnecessary kilojoules by swapping foods through out the day. Breakfast: Granola usually contains more kilojoules than a simple bowl of oatmeal. Snack: l stick to ProVita digestive biscuits instead of regular biscuits or Greek yoghurt as opposed to low fat yoghurt. For lunch l opt for a lettuce or cabbage wrap instead of the usual whole-wheat wrap. At dinner beef mince can be swapped for ground turkey.

Use herbs not salt. Salt increases fluid retention and this is most often seen around the stomach. Cut your salt intake by flavoring sauces and soups with wine instead. Herbs like thyme and oregano are great for pastas and vegetable dishes. Even if you cut your added salt intake you could still be caught in a trap with store bought items. Foods such as Bacon, ham, soy sauces, store prepped salads and cheese are loaded with salt so beware of these and be sure to check labels before you buy.

Say yes to flat stomach foods. Foods such as avocados, nuts and olive oil contain healthy fats (monosaturated fatty acids) which if incorporated into your diet can help you lose fat around your stomach without exercise. These fats help reduce body fat by fast tracking your metabolism while also helping your body absorb vitamins and minerals better. Add nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil to your salads to help you feel fuller for longer.

These tips are by no more the only ways to lose stomach fat but they are a start and a start is all that is really required. Happy ab hunting!

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