Health And Fitness Goals The 2018 Edit

Fitness Wellness

Run my first 5 km. The last time l ran competitively was in high school and I SUCKED at it. Every first term in school is athletics season and l used every trick to get out of running. Doctor’s note, faking sprains, hiding under the bleachers, etc. I still hate it, but once in a while l take my trainers for a spin around the block, get winded and sweat profusely then call it a day. The longest distance l can go without stopping is 1km. However this year l want to train for a 5km race. I haven’t committed myself to one but l think the Spar Rainbow Run would be lots of fun plus it’s for a good cause. I don’t care about times l just want to do it without stopping or passing out. Wish me luck, cuz l’m going to need it!

Do a full push up. I literally can’t do a single push-up, not even a girl-style push-up. I haven’t been able to do a single push up, I have poor upper body strength which l need to work on. Well maybe my arms can not bent at the angle that they are supposed to or l need someone to coach me through it. All l know is l want to but l can’t. I will need to approach one of the PTs at the gym and beg for a free pushup tutorial. I will let you know the moment l can push up.

Meditate for at least 10 minutes each morning. Last month l had the pleasure of meeting Dave Sheehan the founder of the Borrowdale Meditation Center who imparted some valuable gems about living a mindful life and the importance of meditation. So what is meditation? Meditation is a mental exercise of regulating attention. It is practiced either by focusing attention on a single object, internal or external (focused attention meditation) or by paying attention to whatever is predominant in your experience in the present moment, without allowing the attention to get stuck on any particular thing (open monitoring meditation. The benefits of meditation include better focus, less anxiety, better memory, more creativity and an overall stress free existence. For meditation to work it has to be done consistently and for a while, hence me starting with 10 minutes everyday. After all you get out what you put in. I really just want to reach Dave’s level of chill in my life. So yeah, sign me up!

Lose another 10 kgs. Although l have lost 15kgs so far l still have a bit of jelly to shed before l get to my goal weight of 65kgs which l want to be by the end of the year. Although l am a bit tall and can carry my current 75kg l am still over the normal weight for a person of my height. So yeah, old girl needs to get to work this year. So far l have dropped the kilos on my own going to the gym 3 times but this l need to bring it up a notch by employing the services of a personal trainer. The reason why l was doing it by myself is l really wanted to getting into this whole fitness wave at my own pace. Read: Snail pace. Now l feel l am emotionally and physically ready to pay someone shout at me 6 days a week. I have already hooked myself up with a PT who has created an 8 week transformation workout that includes both strength training and cardio on each day so l’m off to a pretty good start.

Get a PT qualification. I initially wanted nutritionist certification since l spend have my time talking friends and family into changing eating habits but… It seems l needed to do sciences in high school in order to meet enrollment requirements. So l feel like a personal training course would be the next best thing. The course involves what to do for which muscle group, how to tackle problem areas, advice on healthy eating, etc. I know it will come in handy as l continue my fitness journey. l often struggle with form sometimes so knowing how to handle that and get back into proper form ASAP would be invaluable. plus l get to annoy my family with trivial titbits about the body, HA!

Up my meal prep game. Meal prep is beneficial for a number of reasons. for me having food prepared in advance saves me time and effort on those lazy days, it stops me from automatically reaching for the take out menu all the time, saving me money and too much gym time. But l have not always done it consistently. So to set myself up for success l plan on giving myself at least two hours ever Sunday to meal prep at least two breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner options. If you also want to meal prep like a baddie here are a few tips.

  • Invest in plenty of tupperware and ziplock bags.
  • Cook in large batches and freeze or refrigerate for meals during the week – you gotta feed the freezer!
  • Plan ahead to reduce waste and keep meals interesting.
  • Make a shopping list, and stick to it.
  • Set aside a few hours each week to chop and cook – it will save you hours in the long-run.



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