Veganuary, Anyone? Tips For Going Vegan This January

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Want a new year’s resolution with benefits you, animals and the environment? Try going vegan this January (Veganuary).

Although l am planning on incorporating more plant based options into my diet this year, l won’t be taking the Veganuary challenge. But for those who might want to do it, here are a few tips to get you off to a great start in starting and maintaining a mostly plant based lifestyle.

A little game of substitution. I find it easier to make my favorite foods using veggie options as substitutes. Instead of adding mince to bolognese, chili or cottage pie, I use beans instead which are just as tasty if not more filling than the former. This way you don’t miss eating your favorite foods or feel deprived and your meals, limited. You might also want to try vegan pizza, cheese, non dairy milk and yoghurt.

Perfect one “go-to” meal. Having one easy signature veggie meal is crucial for days when you feel stuck for meal ideas. A have a go to recipe for veggie burger patties which I eat with everything from sauerkraut, kimchi to salads. Stir fry’s, burritos and bean soups are also very easy to rustle up.

When you know better… You do better. Not sure of how you will get the willpower to stick it out? Watch documentaries and YouTube videos that detail why a plant based diet is better than an animal based one. Not to mention what goes into meat production and the toxins that come with eating meat.

Vegan snacks on tap! I am always super hungry all the time so if you are like me you will need to have lots of vegan snacks on hand if you don’t want to fall off the vegan wagon. Look up vegan or flexitarian bloggers for simple snacks to make at home. Avocado on toast is as easy as they come. Although I never got the hang of roasted chickpeas many people swear by them.

Make it more of a lifestyle change not just a diet. I am always telling myself not to want unhealthy foods which is extremely difficult when hanging out with friends and family. Who wants eat a salad when the person next to you is sinking their teeth in a big juicy burger 😕. Make peace with it and move on if you intend to stick your guns. This means having a salad while everyone else is having steak or saying no to dessert.

Eating out doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. I am guilty of getting a dirty look from the waiter for wanting to interrogate the ingredients of every single item on the menu. Don’t be afraid to ask restaurants what their vegan options are. Most restaurants including fast food places now have vegan offerings. Hello, Nando’s veggie burgers! Those that don’t are usually willing to accommodate you. Search for recommended vegan places on Google. TripAdvisor is also great you can check reviews with the word vegan to see what other people’s experience has been.

Get you a vegan bestie. Twice the health as it were. He or she can be handy in recommending vegan friendly eateries and stuff. You will keep each other accountable, bounce recipes off each other. If you can’t find a vegan buddy or convince a meat eating pal to join you, you can sign up for virtual support, encouragement and great vegan recipes at

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