Working Out, Looking Good


“You meet more people at the gym than at a nightclub or grocery store. So you want to look your best.”

How many times have you checked out the gym bunny next to you and find her looking fresh and put together, while you resemble a rabid dog? What could she be doing that you are not? A couple of things, actually.

Tone it down. Yes we want to workout and look good doing it. However what’s good about blush and mascara running down your face mid bur-pee?! You can either remove your makeup before exercising or if no makeup is not an option then invest in natural makeup. Natural ingredients are particularly suited for athletic pursuits. Dermatologists warn against wearing makeup during workouts, because most products contain chemical ingredients that clog pores and irritate the skin. So your best bet would be a bit of tinted oil free moisturizer or no clogging foundation, waterproof mascara and a little lip balm.

Wipe it down. Make sure your towel is always with you so you can quickly wipe away any sweat accumulated from exercising. Wet your towel with a little bit of water from your water bottle and blot sweat out gently. A dry towel coupled by vigorous rubbing will do more harm than good, think damp!

Water it down. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your sweat fest. The dehydrated red faced look is so not cool. If you want to be a little bit extra spritz a facial mist on your face once or twice during the workout.

I whip my hair back and forth… No! No one wants to see that here. Your hair sticking to your sweaty face or back is not a good look. A high ponytail is good, flat braids or cornrows are even better, a thick headband is ideal for hair not long enough to be tied back but still not short enough to behave if left to its own devices. And if all else fails you can always opt for a scarf to hold every strand in place.

Show up and show out. Raise your hand if your cute gym clothes are what motivates you to get up and go to the gym 80% of the time. However cute doesn’t necessarily translate to functional. Investing in a good well-fitted exercise bra can mean the difference between getting back, neck and breast pain from an ill fitting training bra or a bra not suited for exercise. When choosing gym clothes look for lightweight, breathable materials such as polyester, nylon and spandex. Black is always a safe option as it flatters all shapes and sizes. If you want to incorporate color, just add a brightly color loose fitting top to your sports bra and black leggings. If black is too boring then the sky is the limit as you can easily find gym clothes in all the colors of the rainbow.

So clean, so fresh. Apply deodorant just before your workout and wash after every gym session to avoid assaulting people’s noses with your sweaty BO.

But you know, not everything has to be that serious, the gym is for working out and not about how good you look because let’s face it no matter how hard you try you can never look sexy doing donkey kicks.

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