Happy Hour Vinyasa With Jo Craig At The Yoga Room

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The Yoga Room is Zimbabwe’s first boutique yoga studio. Started by Richard John in 2013 it offers everything from hot yoga, aerial yoga and even prenatal yoga. Its classes are suited for all levels of experience.

Our Experience

The Yoga Room has been around for quite some time and has many students and fans, but we actually stumbled upon it online. Our Friday evening flow session was sweaty and a test in endurance to say the least. Our certified instructor Jo Craig, who has been practising for years, was a real treat. Her energy picked us up, and made us feel at ease, and welcome even before we began.

We began with a little meditation session as she encouraged us to leave our baggage at the door and get in touch with our inner selves through breathing excercises. Then we got into Vinyasa. It was difficult to turn off the chatter in and around us at first but the incense and soothing music tuned it right out. Jo worked the room coaching and correcting postures and effortlessly getting into one pose after the other. By the time savasana rolled around we were a wobbly mess with sweat literally dripping onto our mats.

                                                                                                          a sign outside of the yoga room

before the madness

how flexible is Jo?!

Try it if…

You love to sweat because this class will leave you wet and breathless. It is also great for the fitness bunch as planks, squats, low lunges and aeroplane legs are thrown in between the poses to give you a full body workout. If you are not into crowds then you might want sit this one out because it is popular and gets packed. If you have always wanted to try yoga, give the Yoga Room a go. It is affordable and perfect if you want to practice regularly and have the option of different yoga classes and instructors.

Price: $5-10 per class and $70 unlimited yoga per month

Contact: Rich – 0775 611 758

Location: 1 Hurworth Road, Highlands, Harare

Social Media: Facebook page

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