5 Things To Do Before You Start A New Fitness Program


There are so many exercises routines littered on the internet it is difficult to choose the right one for you. However if you are reading this it means you have found an exercise challenge that you want to try out. Great! Now, before you start there are a few steps you have to take in preparation for the fun that awaits you.

Sync your workouts and rest days – Chances are you already have a full plate with activities that need to be done so adding more tasks would be difficult. However most fitness plans need to be scheduled and adhered to if you are to succeed. How else will you know to rest after the dreaded leg day? Thus imperative that you pen each activity done so you know what you have to do on any given day.

Meal Prep – If you have ever come across a picture on Pinterest saying weight loss is 90% nutrition and 10% exercise then you know you need to get with the meal prep gang. Healthy eating goes hand in hand with working out and healthy eating needs to be planned for. No, an avocado salad will not just land in your lap. Plan your meals ahead of time, shop according to the meal list and set time aside to prepare a few meals at once. Keep your prepared meals on hand and then reheat as needed. Keep a fridge well stocked with fruits and vegetables for snack time.

Be prepared – If you will be using the gym keep your gym bag packed and near the door. If it’s a home work out take out your workout clothes and place them on a chair. Yes, you can still do these tasks in the morning but the idea behind preparation is that it will be one thing less that needs doing. Let the important staff take center stage like that 20 burpees you have to complete.

Look for an accountability partner – It is always twice the fun to do stuff with others. There are plenty of reasons why you will need a workout partner. They will be your own cheer squad or drill sergeant when you need it. You will be less likely to quit knowing you are in this together. Workouts will be less daunting knowing you have someone to go through them with.

Start a fitness and food journal – You need to record your fitness progress and the food you are eating. So what exactly do you track? Record workouts and track your progress (number of sets or laps, weight lifted, etc). Plan your rest days. Note any mood changes and improvements. Track your eating/nutrition. Note feedback (e.g. any pain or discomfort during exercises). Plan future workouts.

NB. You don’t need to count calories but you do need to track your eating so that if the weight loss is stalling then you can pin point where you went wrong.

Take a before picture – Taking a picture of yourself before all the heavy lifting is a way of recording your progress as well. It is very easy to notice changes in body shape on a picture that weight on a scale. Plus it’s a great way to motivate yourself.

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